About Madella....

I love it when sales people call my office and ask to speak to Madella. If I were a little quicker on my feet, I'd ask, "Which one?" and then hand the phone to either "Mad" or "Ella". I would love to listen in on the call while a credit card processing vendor tries to convince Ella to switch providers.

You see, I named this business after my two daughters, Madison and Ella. Madison is 7 and Ella is 5. They give me so much inspiration; I can only hope one day they will join me in the business. For now, I'm proud just to call them my daughters.

Owning and operating a business is such a fulfilling gift, but my girls bring the most joy and happiness. And on this Mother's Day, I am honored to have their names on my business cards.

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  1. Hi Lisa, your girls are adorable! So nice that you named your business after them.