Design Your Space Class!

I'm teaching a class on October 17th from 10-12 at the Glenwoood Community Center through Howard County Parks and Recs. The subject is designing your space; learn how to plan furniture arrangements, select colors and solve window treatment dilemmas. This will be a hands on class where participants can bring questions about their own homes and we'll answer them in class. This class will be lots of fun, hope you can join us! Click on the link below for more information or go to Howard County Parks and Recreation website and look for class 3407.501.

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  1. I attended a class that sounds similar to yours where one of the tips we were given was to use vinyl wall decals. I got some from, and found they were really easy to put up - although my "color eye" needs some improving! These had a matte finish so they blended right into the painted wall and looked like they'd been painted on as part of the original decor. Being removable, I was able to play with them until I found the best look (I'm still learning!).