Paper Flower Pom Poms

I fell in love with these pom pom tissue paper flowers over at Daisy's blog, Daisy Pink Cupcake so we decided to make some for Madison's 8th birthday party.  They are really pretty and not difficult, both girls made their own.

Photo courtesy of Daisy Pink Cupcake

Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings
 And here come the shameless pictures of the girls....

 We've been looking for a sun for Ella's beach room and this worked perfectly!

The instructions for these are really simple:

  1. Place 10 pieces of STURDY tissue paper on top of each other.  Sturdy is the key here, we tried the really thin stuff and it just rips apart.  I found packages of 20 sheet paper in different colors at Tuesday Mornings.

  2. Fan fold the tissue paper in about 1 inch folds.  I think Ella started with 1 inch and at the end her folds were about 5 inches.

  3. Tie the center with a piece of floral wire.

  4. Cut each end of the fan in a V or U in order to make the petals.

  5. Pull the "fan" open on both sides of the floral wire.

  6. Carefully start pulling each layer of tissue paper away from the layer underneath of it.  Work both sides of the "fan" equally.

  7. You can tie a piece of fishing line or a pretty ribbon around the center and hang them from the ceiling.
If my directions are a little unclear, you can find pictures on making these on Martha Stewarts website.


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  1. Ooooh. I have always loved those huge whimsical poms just hanging! Great project. Cute kidlets!