Amazing memory of a 3 year old

This has nothing to do with design, but this my neighbors little boy and I just couldn't resist sharing it!

Update those walls without spending anything!

This is an easy one folks. It is free and can really change the look of a room. Take down all the pictures in your home. Hopefully you won't have to paint once they come down! Put them all in one room and lay them out on the floor. By placing all of your artwork in one spot, you will be able to see new configurations and pairings you may not have considered before. Try not to put the art back on the same wall or even in the same room. Identify your empty wall spaces and then find pictures to fill that space. If you are going to use several pieces of art on the same wall, it helps to lay it out on the floor first. I like to see art mixed in odd pairings such as 3's and 5's. If you have a large space to fill, but your art is too small, you can group several pieces together to fill the space or you can consider a larger mat and frame to meet the scale of the room. Or, instead of a mat, consider a piece of fabric. You can achieve the look of a mat with fabric.
By changing out your pictures, you will "see" them again. Ever notice that when something stays in the same place, you don't really look at it anymore? By changing them around, you'll find new appreciation for the pieces you love. (And, by the way, you'll also quickly identify the pieces that are ready to give away.)

How to determine size for area rugs

What are the "rules of thumb" for area rugs? The space will dictate the size of your rug and each situation is different, but here are a few quick guidelines to get you started:
  • Most people like to see at least 18" of bare floor space around an area rug.
  • Arrange your furniture around the room, each piece of furniture should have at least the front legs of chairs and sofas on the rug. (unless you have several conversation areas and then this rule changes)
  • Under a table, there should be at least 24" of rug beyond the edge of the table on all sides in order to maneuver chairs....I like to see even more than 24" if the space allows.
  • For a rug under a bed figure at least 18" beyond the sides of a King or Queen size bed and at least 12" for a full or twin bed.
Proportion, balance and scale are key design elements. When in doubt, learn to trust your eye. If you can't picture it in your head, take some painters tape and place it on the floor. You will be able to feel the difference in proportion when you can visually see it on the floor.

Design your own shade

I am so excited about these new roller shades by Comfortex!  If you are looking for an inexpensive custom option for your windows, this product is awesome!  You can put any picture you can think of on a roller shade or roman shade.  If you aren't real creative, they have some stock designs available and more coming next month.  You can play with the stock designs available on the Persona website and print out your design.

Persona just entered into a licensing agreement with Major League Baseball (and yes, I know the picture is of a football player) to gain access to their stock photos for use on these roller shades and roman shades.  What a great idea for a kids room to have a picture of a favorite player or stadium on their windows!  The possibilities with this product are endless.  If you can take a picture and have access to email, you can design your very own shade.  I'd love to hear your feedback, how would you use this product?

If you are interested in these shades email me at

The enchanted sun room

On a recent search for design inspirations I came across this design by Charles Pavarini III.  I love his design style and there is something about this room that makes it feel enchanted.  His choice of accessories surprises, yet works in this space.  I love those wheels hung on the wall, the art work hung above the doors at an angle, the white light fixtures and chairs, the green faux painted walls, the blue pots and of course, the living plants. (If you are able to keep plants alive, they are a great way to fill up empty spaces.)   I'd love to have my morning coffee in this room.  What do you think?

Some recent projects

The weather has been so beautiful and although I'd love to be inside, I've been working on some window treatment projects for my clients.  Here are a few of my latest creations......
  These panels are stationary.  There was only 1/8 inch above the window frame which made hardware difficult so I used hook strip from one of my vendors (Rowley Company)

This is the coordinating valance in the kitchen.  We used the same fabric as the stationary panels for the contrast lining and the button detail.

 And this is a simple inverted box pleat valance.  Yes, simple but the entire Dining Room is faux painted so this style and pattern works well with the rest of the room.
This is a great time of year to give your home a fresh updated look!

Paper Flower Pom Poms

I fell in love with these pom pom tissue paper flowers over at Daisy's blog, Daisy Pink Cupcake so we decided to make some for Madison's 8th birthday party.  They are really pretty and not difficult, both girls made their own.

Photo courtesy of Daisy Pink Cupcake

Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings
 And here come the shameless pictures of the girls....

 We've been looking for a sun for Ella's beach room and this worked perfectly!

The instructions for these are really simple:

  1. Place 10 pieces of STURDY tissue paper on top of each other.  Sturdy is the key here, we tried the really thin stuff and it just rips apart.  I found packages of 20 sheet paper in different colors at Tuesday Mornings.

  2. Fan fold the tissue paper in about 1 inch folds.  I think Ella started with 1 inch and at the end her folds were about 5 inches.

  3. Tie the center with a piece of floral wire.

  4. Cut each end of the fan in a V or U in order to make the petals.

  5. Pull the "fan" open on both sides of the floral wire.

  6. Carefully start pulling each layer of tissue paper away from the layer underneath of it.  Work both sides of the "fan" equally.

  7. You can tie a piece of fishing line or a pretty ribbon around the center and hang them from the ceiling.
If my directions are a little unclear, you can find pictures on making these on Martha Stewarts website.


ooohhhh Neti

I hate being sick and admitting I AM sick.  Every year around this time, the sinuses start acting up.  I blame it on the pollen, but I'm pretty sure it really is a cold.  Regardless, sinus infections really suck and they are painful.  I few years ago a friend recommended I use a Neti Pot.  You fill the little pot with water, add a little salt (not table salt) and pour the water into one nostril and it comes out the other nostril.  I know it sounds GROSS, and quite frankly, it is gross.  But it works!  I had to pull my Neti out from the closet and dust it off.  It has been sitting on the bathroom sink for a week.  Anyway, I realized today that if it is going to sit out, couldn't it at least look a little prettier?  So I started looking around the internet for Neti Pot designs and here are a few I thought I'd share:
This is my current plastic...yuck!

This one looks a little too almost looks scary to use!

Ella loves elephants, I might be able to get her to use this one.

This is the winner!  I found it at Chopra and hopefully it will be on my counter soon!
Do you use a Neti Pot?