ooohhhh Neti

I hate being sick and admitting I AM sick.  Every year around this time, the sinuses start acting up.  I blame it on the pollen, but I'm pretty sure it really is a cold.  Regardless, sinus infections really suck and they are painful.  I few years ago a friend recommended I use a Neti Pot.  You fill the little pot with water, add a little salt (not table salt) and pour the water into one nostril and it comes out the other nostril.  I know it sounds GROSS, and quite frankly, it is gross.  But it works!  I had to pull my Neti out from the closet and dust it off.  It has been sitting on the bathroom sink for a week.  Anyway, I realized today that if it is going to sit out, couldn't it at least look a little prettier?  So I started looking around the internet for Neti Pot designs and here are a few I thought I'd share:
This is my current plastic...yuck!

This one looks a little too almost looks scary to use!

Ella loves elephants, I might be able to get her to use this one.

This is the winner!  I found it at Chopra and hopefully it will be on my counter soon!
Do you use a Neti Pot?

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