Update those walls without spending anything!

This is an easy one folks. It is free and can really change the look of a room. Take down all the pictures in your home. Hopefully you won't have to paint once they come down! Put them all in one room and lay them out on the floor. By placing all of your artwork in one spot, you will be able to see new configurations and pairings you may not have considered before. Try not to put the art back on the same wall or even in the same room. Identify your empty wall spaces and then find pictures to fill that space. If you are going to use several pieces of art on the same wall, it helps to lay it out on the floor first. I like to see art mixed in odd pairings such as 3's and 5's. If you have a large space to fill, but your art is too small, you can group several pieces together to fill the space or you can consider a larger mat and frame to meet the scale of the room. Or, instead of a mat, consider a piece of fabric. You can achieve the look of a mat with fabric.
By changing out your pictures, you will "see" them again. Ever notice that when something stays in the same place, you don't really look at it anymore? By changing them around, you'll find new appreciation for the pieces you love. (And, by the way, you'll also quickly identify the pieces that are ready to give away.)

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