Flowers from scrap fabric

I hate to throw away fabric.  I donate most of my scrap pieces of fabric to the local elementary school art department.  But this week, when my Robert Allen representive pulled a fabric book from my library and told me it was discontinued, I couldn't part with it.  (I know, it really is a sicknesss!)

Anway, I decided to pull the book apart and use the pieces for fabric flowers appliques.  I found a flower template on the internet and used my copier to enlarge the template and shrink the template.  I had the kids cut out the different sized paper templates and we transferred them to stock paper.  We cut the stock paper out and transferred those to the fabric.  Once the fabric was cut, we layered the petals and secured them together with a french knot in the center.  We decided to put them on pillows, but really you could use them for, bags, blankets, towels.  So many possibilities and such a fun project!

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  1. This is super cute, great job! Perfect for lucky little girls. I just did a post on my blog of a living room design scheme, I would love to get a professionals opinion on it. Stop by for a chat some time!