What a great way to send a card

I love to get cards from people. However, I must admit I think they are a waste of money. When I receive a birthday card for example, I feel obligated to find a spot for it somewhere in the house. Often, it ends up on the mantel. But as soon as someone turns on the ceiling fan, all those damn cards go flying all over the family room and I have to pick them up and put them back on the mantel. (Even though I secretly want to throw them away I don't feel I've given them their due "display time".) So they sit there until I can't stand it anymore and either pitch them in the trash OR if someone has written something extra special, I have a box, in a closet where I store them. (Even though I never open the darn box and it is just collecting dust.) 

I recently received an invitation to Homecoming from my high school (seems like I was there decades
ago...well I guess it has been 20 years).  Anyway, the invitation came through email from a company called Paperless Post.  I'd never heard of it before, but when I opened the email, there was a picture of an envelope.  I clicked on the envelope and it opened like a card.  The card that appeared out of the envelope was just as nice as some of the fine stationary you can purchase.  This was the nicest card I've received through email so I made one for one of my recent clients.  You can check it out here: Sample Letter.  The company is still in beta stages, but I love this concept and I hope they are successful.

I still believe people like to receive hand written notes and what I love about Paperless Post is that the cards look so much like real stationary.  AND you don't have the guilt of throwing them away!  I'm sure there is controversy over the etiquette of email notes versus snail mail notes and I'm also sure that my family and friends who have taken time to pick out the perfect card for me over the years will have a thing or 2 to say about this subject.  Okay, let the comments begin.....

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  1. Well Lisa, I'll have to think about that one. I think it's an awesome idea and I end up doing the same "mantle" thing that you do, right down to the box in the closet! However, I do think that there are times when there's a card that you will want to save, like from a child or grandchild that will become more of a memory then a card. There are those special times that email just can't duplicate. For all the rest - I say EMAIL AWAY!!! :)