Inspired by the Island

The girls and I just returned from one of my favorite places on earth...Stone Harbor, NJ.  Our family has vacationed there every summer since I was a little girl and each time we come over the bridge and see the big blue water tower with STONE HARBOR written on the side, I feel like I've returned home.  Poor Doug was stuck at home with a big deadline so us girls had a little getaway.  (and boy did we have fun!) 

(No timeouts or yelling for 9 days!!!! Maybe junk food and ice cream on the beach had a little something to do with it.)

The island has changed quite a bit since I was little.  The streets used to be lined with little beach cottages with gravel yards.  Today is a completely different story, the houses are new and VERY BIG and I drool over the landscaping in the yards.  I've tried to take pictures and recreate the landscaping in our little Ellicott City yard, but I haven't been able to get there yet....ahh maybe one day...for now...I'll just dream....

(I want to know what is behind that gate covered by the trumpet vine! This path is just ASKING me to take a peek.)

This is the house owned by the Hoys....they are known for their huge 5 and 10 store on 96th street.  It is a kids dream world.  Filled with all kinds of beach trinkets, towels, jewelry and just about anything you can imagine.  I love the mandavilla vines they have on the top balcony. 

The man who owns this house builds his own bird houses out of natural materials he finds on the beach. I have counted 9 bird houses on his property, but I'm sure there are more....he has them tucked all over the yard.
                                                                 Another tempting gate...... 

and then there is Poseidon
The beach always gets under my skin and when the summer is over, I hang on to every last grain of sand in my sneakers.  So instead of letting it go, I searched for some beach inspired design items for my home.  Unfortunately, I won't be making any purchases in the near future....but one has to dream!
16 piece table in marine at Cottage and Bungalow

Adams Medium Wall Tricorn with Chimney at Cottage and Bungalow

Bodega Distressed White Driftwood Lamp at Cottage and Bungalow

Coral Orange Pillow at Cottage Coastal

Crab Claw Tote at Cottage Coastal

Easton Chair and Stool at Cottage and Bungalow

Metropolitan Pendant at Cottage and Bungalow

Navigators Desk in Ivory at Cottage and Bungalow

Navy Leaf Pillow at Cottage Coastal

Spiral Conch at Seaweed Designs

I hope you will be inspired by these beach inspired items and carry a little sun and sand into your homes.

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  1. What a gorgeous area Lisa; I can see why you love it there! Reading along was like taking a mini daytrip with you, so thank you for that.

    And as for the items you picked, I love that Metropolitan pendant!! That would be gorgeous in so many areas but I'd love it in a sophisticated teen room!!