How To Sew A Pillow Closed Using An Invisible Stitch

I recently finished a big job for pillows and used this stitch to close them (after sewing them all shut, I wish I had used zippers).

This ladder stitch is an great stitch to use when sewing pillows shut because you can't see the thread and it gives you a nice clean line.  Upholsterers often use the ladder stitch to finish off chairs and sofas.  In this video, I'm sewing a pillow shut that has a small flange edge.  Hope you enjoy and please feel free to share any of your special sewing stitches with me and my readers.

Sorry if the video cuts off quickly, this fabric was difficult to work with and my needle broke in the next clip....I had to edit a few expletives.


  1. Thank You! I am making Christmas ornaments for gifts and was trying to figure out how I was going to close them all. This is perfect! Now to go tackle the final steps of the project!