My alternative to the little red dress

Can't say I'm a huge fan of the upcoming "holiday" known as Valentine's Day.

Not that I don't like my fair share of romance.  AND I definitely LOVE chocolate, flowers and kisses (only from Doug of course).  But I really feel like Valentine's Day is over rated.  I want the flowers when I'm least expecting them, not on the day when every other girl/woman on this planet is receiving them!

OK, so what is my alternative to the little red dress?  Well frankly, I don't own a little red dress.  So let's try the next best thing (in my mind anyway).

How about the little red...

Window Treatment?

Or maybe you desire something a little more FANCY PANTS....

I just finished both of these treatment this past month for the loveliest client (who just happens to have one of the most beautiful yellow Labrador retrievers...can you tell I'm missing our lab?)

So I thank you Debbie, for allowing me to work on this project for you and getting my "RED ON" for the month of February!

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