Blinds gone terribly WRONG

I realize it has been FOREVER since I've written in this blog.  Aside from my typically busy schedule, I've decided not to write just to keep up with all the other "bloggers" out there.  Clearly, I'm not going to make blogging a profession.  Instead, I've decided to only write when I feel I can add some value to someone out there.  

Today I'm hoping to help someone else from making this TERRIBLE blind mistake........

OK, for the explanation.  We are on vacation this week in North Carolina and we decided to have dinner in one of our favorite pizza places.  It is a favorite NOT because the food is so good, but because the restaurant sits between the ocean and the intercoastal waterway.  The sunsets here are magnificent!  

So mistake number one....DON'T BLOCK THE BEAUTIFUL VIEW WITH BLINDS!!!!  I realize that light control might be an issue here, but we go to this restaurant for the view....not to be sealed up in a dungeon.  Someone else must have complained so the owner came over to the table to let in some light.  Are you ready, wait for it because this one is good....
I guess 1 layer of blinds wasn't enough
Not only did they hang wooden blinds, but then they hung woven woods on TOP of the wooden blinds.  Don't even get me started about the sizes either...that is a whole other issue.  And finally this last photo take the cake......
Customer has to open the blinds because owner can't reach them
REALLY?  Come on about investing in some decent motorized blinds with light control options so that your CUSTOMERS don't have to open the blinds for you! 

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