Recycling Holiday Cards

This weekend, my family and I tackled my least favorite thing I like to do with my time.....taking down the Christmas decorations.  I truly hate that job, but when it is all over I feel like I have a clean slate for the new year.  Unfortunately for my family, a clean slate typically means me asking, "what do you think about this pillow here, what about over here, oh or how about this picture?"  They're normally good for one answer, then they roll their eyes and hide to stay out of my decorating tornado.

Each year when we unpack the decorations, I do the same thing, but there are a few decorations that remain constant and unchanged.  One of my favorites is to cover a door in the kitchen with all the holiday cards we receive from our friends and family.  Although I keep all the cards that have pictures, I tend to trash the rest of them.  (It's true and I'm really sorry for those of you who send the traditional card, but I really like the photographs)

This year I recruited my youngest daughter, Ella to help me turn those "traditional" cards into gift tags for next years gifts. I know I saw this idea somewhere...perhaps Pinterest or another blog so please forgive me if you are the inventor of this great idea for not giving you credit.  It took us about a half an hour to cut them out, but it makes me feel better about using them again next year.
Wishing you all much health and happiness in 2014!!!

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  1. I have kept all the Christmas cards for years kniwing I would skmeday know what to do with them. Love this!