If you MUST buy ready made curtains

Let me start out by stating the obvious...I believe in custom made window treatments.  For many reasons:
  • Custom means the window treatment will fit YOUR window. This example is an obvious reason for custom:
  • Custom means the design is tailored to your decorating style.
  • Custom means you select the exact fabric and trim for your window.
  • Custom means paying attention to detail.  
  • Custom means you will have quality lining in your window treatments to protect your investment.
  • Custom means the job isn't finished until you are completely satisfied.

Now I realize that custom window treatments can be pricey.  However you are making an investment in your home when you purchase custom.  If you MUST buy ready made curtains, I have a few tips for you to help them look like custom.  

 Most ready made drapes are too short.  I like to see drapes hung as close to the ceiling as possible and touching the floor.  In order to get the additional length, you can sew a complimentary fabric to the bottom of the ready made panels as I've done with these sheers.

Here is another example of how to make your ready made drapes look custom:

These ready-made grommet panels were too short so the client and I decided to add some trim and a contrast fabric to the bottom to help them look custom and fit the window.

To make them really look custom, we measured the existing panels to the bottom of her window sill.  We had 12" from the floor to the sill so we needed to add 12" of contrast fabric to the bottom of the panels.  You can see the decorative cording and contrast fabric is this photo.

These are the completed panels pleated up and hanging in my workroom before installation.  (The bands of fabric holding the pleats together is just temporary to help the folds stay in place)
You can also add some banding or other decorative element to the lead edge (inside edge) of the drapery panel to get a custom look.  These panels are NOT ready-made, but I wanted to show you an some examples.


  1. I hope to be able to make the the investment someday but for now I appreciate these tips. Thanks.