How to sew the perfect corner

Here is a quick video on how to sew the perfect corner.  There is no talking in this tutorial because I was trying to sew a straight line with one hand and hold my phone in the other to video the demonstration.  (for the record, this is NOT a professional video, but you'll get the point)
Once you are finished, you may need to clip some of the corners if there is a lot of bulk in the fabric.
When you finish and turn the fabric right side out, you should end up with perfect corners like photo below. Good luck, happy sewing!

Lovin' those pallet walls

I'd like to give a big shout out to the owners at the White Oak Tavern in Ellicott City for doing a fantastic job on their pallet walls.  If you haven't been to the new restaurant yet, it is worth the trip.  HoCo blogs hosted a party at the restaurant last week and I had a chance to see their handy work first hand.
I had an opportunity to speak with one of the owners, Clare Frey, who explained the process to me.  All of these pieces of wood are made from pallets (which they got for free from local builders who were happy to avoid the fees at the dump).  They lightly sanded and stained each piece of wood.  Although it appears there are multiple colored stains, they only used 2 colors.  Since the wood on each pallet is different, the results are random, thus giving a multi-color look.  Installation was somewhat random as well.  They only restricted themselves on the height of each row so the boards had to be the same height, but the color was completely random and unplanned.  The pallet walls are an on-going project.  They started with one wall and are transforming the restaurant one wall at a time as the pallets become available.  I personally love this look and can't wait to see the restaurant when it is finished.  What do you think?